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Topographic measurements

Topography is a branch of geodesy which deals with the measurement technique of a portion of Earth’s shell, with determining the position of earth elements on small surfaces (considered flat), as well as graphical or numerical representation technique of the measured surfaces, for drawing up maps and plans; detailed description of a place in terms of placement, configuration, etc.; how elements of an ensemble are arranged in space.

Topographical services:


Officially, in Romania, the Stereographic 1970 Projection (Stereo’70) system is used as reference system except Bucharest, where the local system Stereo’30 is used instead.

Applications of topographic measurements:

  • Quick and accurate determination of X, Y coordinates
  • Obtaining and increasing frequency of basic topographic networks
  • Determination of property boundaries – Agricultural, forestry, etc..
  • Delimitation of the of interest zone- lakes, forests limits, agricultural land, etc..
  • Monitoring displacements over time
  • Map of location and current situation from site
  • control measurements
  • Calculation of surfaces
  • Land modeling
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Contour level
  • Longitudinal and transverse profiles
  • Volumes calculation
  • Markings and verticalization
  • Mapping urban utilities
  • Monitoring and control dimensions
  • High precision leveling
  • Digitization of cadastral and topographic maps
  • Vectorization of civil and industrial projects
  • Sightseeing and thematic maps
  • Obtaining maps with isolines
  • Vectorization lines of interest (roads, boundaries lakes, forests, pastures, villages, etc.)
  • Georeferencing raster maps
  • 3D modeling of digitized maps
  • Obtaining GIS data by converting the existing data in specific format
  • Purchase of land thematic data
  • Online management programs of geospatial data
  • Convert various data and their integration into a GIS
  • Construction Surveys
  • Measurements of heights
  • Longitudinal and Cross Sections
  • Roof Plans
  • Plans for reinforcing