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Geotechnical studies

Geotechnical study represents the first stage of the construction, rehabilitation or strengthening of a civil or industrial objective. Documentation is an integral part of the technical design, required by Law. 50 of 29.07.1991 and updated. Geotechnical study includes information about physical and mechanical characteristics of the soil resulting in a series of recommendations on foundation solutions, technical advice necessary to issue future construction project.

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Preliminary geotechnical notice provides an assessment of the quality of land and can be used for early design phases – feasibility study, project urbanism etc.. Geotechnical notice is drafted on the basis of existing geotechnical data or based on a small number of field investigations, depending on the importance and volume of investigation and does not replace the geotechnical study.


Geotechnical studies include:

–  Documentation and site recognition
–  Evaluate land by:

          – geotechnical drillings
          – open surveys – ditches, wells
          – unveilingoffoundation
          – staticpenetration
          – dynamic penetration
          – plate test
          – geophysical investigations

–  Sampling of soil and water
–  Laboratory analysis of soil samples collected (to identify the physico-mechanical and determine the aggressiveness of the water on concrete and metal)
–  Preparing geotechnical study itself by interpreting information from field and laboratory
–  Check the documentation prepared by an authorized expert MLPAT, AF requirement and drawing geotechnical essay

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Geotechnical studies are prepared on the basis of norm NP 074/2007 for:

–  civil construction
–  land Reclamation
–  hydro construction
–  agrozootechnical building
–  industrial and commercial buildings
–  telecommunication Infrastructure
–  urban construction and municipal
–  transport infrastructure (road systems, bridges, tunnels, railway construction)