Brantax - engineering survey

underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Wind farms and photovoltaic exploration

In the design stages of wind farms or photovoltaic particular attention is given to knowledge of the geological structure of the foundation soil. Exploration geophysics, trough specific methods, completes geotechnical data and brings more information to land valuation.

In projects developed to describe geological and hydrogeological conditions of an area that is going to develop a wind farm and photovoltaic we use methods like: seismic refraction, MASW, Cgeoelectrical tomography. These methods were able to highlight geological structures, voids underground, natural or artificial inhomogeneities plans slip etc.


In case of placement of wind farms or photovoltaic in areas with oil wells or near urban or industrial areas is recommended execution of geophysical investigations for detection of buried networks or unexploded bombs (UXO).

Other geophysical applications: