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underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Minerals exploration

Geophysics exploration is an important tool in the research and evaluation of useful mineral deposits. Good planning and design of land prospecting method leads to lower operating costs and significantly reduce the time dedicated to direct investigations.

Through his methods, geophysics exploration can cover large areas of land locating storage areas with high potential of useful ore – maps of the natural magnetic field variation, maps with variation of vertical or horizontal magnetic gradient, maps of electrical resistivity and IP, geoelectrical profiles (SEV or electrical tomography), mise-a-la-masse, seismic, radiometry.

If quarries and gravel pits exploration geophysics, with geological research brings valuable information to assist in the calculation of existing and development decisions on the direction of operation.


To explore mineral resources under the water (rivers, lakes and marine waters) we have experience and instrumentation for execution of geophysical investigations on the water to emphasize the geological characteristics of the field of interest.

Other geophysical applications: