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underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Lake and River Prospecting

Determining the position of flaws in the isolating membrane of lakes constitutes one of the main problems in dealing with the fluid leakage. Through geoelectrical methods viable solutions are available for this kind of problems. For leakage prospecting that may occur in dams, geophysics uses two of the most appreciated geoelectrical methods.
One of these methods is a less conventional method, called “Mise-a-la-Masse” and it gives very good results when investigating the flaws in the isolating membrane of lakes and dams.

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The Self Potential method is used for a long time in investigating leakages in dam walls (compacted soil dams).

Geoelectrical methods can be applied for prospecting the geology and the relief that is found under the water surface of rivers and lakes.

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The sonar can be employed in these cases to enhance the results accuracy and also to find out the depth of the water which is very useful. All together, these methods give the best results.

Other geophysical applications: