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Seismic prospecting

Seismic prospecting is by far the most important geophysical technique in terms of expenditures and number of geophysicists involved. Its predominance is due to high accuracy high resolution, and great penetration. Seismic methods are important in groundwater searches and in civil engineering, especially to measure the depth to bedrock in connection with the construction of large buildings, dams, highways, and harbor surveys. Seismic techniques have found little application in direct exploration for minerals where interfaces between different rock types are highly irregular. However, they are useful in locating features, such as buried channels, in which heavy minerals may be accumulated.

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Despite the indirectness of the method – most seismic work results in the mapping of geological structure. Likewise, engineering surveys, mapping of water resources and other studies requiring accurate knowledge of subsurface structure derive valuable information from seismic data.

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