Brantax - engineering survey

underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Measurements of the Natural Potential

Natural potential measurement involves geophysical methods of recording electromagnetic field components, gravimetric, electrical, magnetic, etc. of the earth, without the contribution of an artificial sources signal generating. The method is often applicable in geological and hydrogeological exploration on large areas, away from interference.


The main method:

Applications of natural potential:

  • Mapping geological boundaries
  • Identification of fractures in the bedrock
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Geological mapping
  • Detection of septic systems
  • Abandoned wells
  • Detection of buried tanks
  • Characterization of buried waste
  • Detection of buried weapons
  • Delimitation disposition pits / trenches
  • Buried fuel tanks
  • Detection of cables and pipelines
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO)
  • Old settlements
  • Observation posts
  • Archaeological battlefields
  • Submerged tanks and landfills