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underwater, underground
and surface investigation


Mise-a-la-Masse method is derived from the pole-dipole method and is characterized by a long current line and a short distance between the measuring electrodes. The main characteristic is that one power electrode is put directly in contact with the solid body we are interested in. It is better if the rock body has a lower resistivity. Thus around the body a current field will be created that will be detectable on the surface. Through grid profiling, the main directions of current movement can be established and thus the properties of the solid body can be determined.


The method was successfully used in dam and artificial lake leakage surveying and hydrogeology.

272_Leak detection 3D_en272_Dam detection_en

Applications Mise-a-la-Masse:

  • Identification of fractures and fissures
  • Water flow direction map
  • Leakage cracks in insulation
  • Useful minerals
  • Dams and dikes