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underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Geological exploration

Geology studies the composition of both surface rocks and those of deep mineral deposits (solid, liquid and gas), the structure of the planet, tectonic plates of the Earth’s shell, its fluid successive layers, which are located between the solid shell of the earth surface and its hard core, composed mainly of melted heavy elements, subject to very high pressures.

The first stage of geological research of a region starts with mapping the land, paying particular emphasis to the surface rocks. Follows prospective phase with grooves on the surface, and surface drilling to develop geological profiles, taking samples (samples to determine the content), these data will be included in a geological map scaled with alignments (curves level).

The extrapolation method can predict the position of deep rocks, a detailed examination at the microscopic level provides information on mineralogical composition and paleontology (fossils) of rocks.

Data obtained by direct methods of geological prospecting may be completed with data obtained by indirect methods such as geophysical investigations.

Applications in this area are diverse, from analysis prebuying or sale of land in difficult areas in terms of basement rocks to the operation of useful rocks (gravel, mineral deposits, coal, etc..).

Geological mapping for exploration

  • Geological mapping
  • Geological studies for mineral substances
  • Geological-technical studies for laying out the research works/mining, example: water drillings, geological drillings, quarries etc.
  • Mapping mining works
  • Mapping drillings, physical and chemical analysis, analyze the data
  • Data processing, statically analysis, drawing maps, interpretation
  • Project plans, strategies for development of the projects.

Types of documentation with geological character and geological-technical character

  • Geological reports in stage and final of the estimate reserves
  • Study of feasibility
  • Geological documentation
  • Evaluation and monitoring studies
  • Ambient geology