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Bathymetric maps

Bathymetry can be considered aquatic equivalent of altimetry. Representing an offshoot of the hydrometry, bathymetry deals with measuring the depth of water in seas, lakes and rivers and can achieve their underwater relief maps.


To measure the depth it is used sonar that emits a sonic wave, high frequency, with which to measure water depth.

Corroborating technique sonar depth measurements and exact position using GPS technology, our company can calibrate your depth map or maps of the lakes or rivers relief foundation.

Subsequently of these measurements can be made sections in areas of interest.

Bathymetry measurement finds its applicability in various fields and can contribute to a better knowledge of geo-morphological conditions of work:

– Monitoring clogging lakes and rivers
– Underwater location plan
– Exploitation of river  mineral aggregates river
– Monitoring of ballast pits excavations
– Composition flood risk maps
– Sections and bathymetric maps