Brantax - engineering survey

underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Oblique and panoramic images

Since the use of drones (UAV) allows high flexibility and reliability in exploitation, they are used in the acquisition of images in the visible spectrum, infrared or multispectral, which play at an angle set the perspective of building or group of buildings.

Aerial photography_Oblique  and panoramic_1Aerial photography_Oblique  and panoramic_4Aerial photography_industrial_1Fotografie aeriana_Parcuri eoliene_2

Opposed to vertical photos in which we represent the outline of buildings, oblique photos provide information from a lateral perspective. The details shown in oblique photos are also a way to supplement the information obtained from orthophotos.

Oblique or panoramic photos can be used to study the underground passages, entrances to tunnels, bridges, viaducts and other similar locations and including them in the surrounding landscape.