Brantax - engineering survey

underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Multispectral photos

Because the use of unmanned equipment (UAV or drone) allows high flexibility and it covers relatively large areas (hundreds of hectares,) have been adapted multispectral shooting techniques used in monitoring forestry, agricultural and protected areas. This can acquire high resolution images having greatly reduced costs compared to conventional flights.

Aerial photography_Multispectral_1Aerial photography_Multispectral_4Aerial photography_Multispectral_5Aerial photography_Multispectral_3


  • Distribution and thematic maps
  • Determining the vegetation density
  • Detect outbreaks of fire
  • Estimation of post disaster damage
  • Identify different species
  • Efficient management and sustainable exploitation
  • Determine the force
  • The pace of growth of vegetation
  • Determining the areas affected by erosion