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Infrared thermal photos

Utilizing dedicated cameras, drones can achieve thermal image capture from angles and positions otherwise impossible. Images can include both buildings and equipment in industrial areas and in residential areas. A thermography can reveal performance problems occurred during the design phase, construction phase or during maintenance activities, and can help prevent unwanted accidents.

Aerial photography_Thermal_IR_4 Aerial photography_Thermal_IR_3 Aerial photography_Thermal_IR_2 Aerial photography_Thermal_IR_1

Applications for infrared thermal images:

  • Facade thermal insulation problems
  • Existing thermal bridges in the building envelope
  • Air leak / leaks
  • Risk areas for condensate and mold
  • Joinery non-performance on heat transfer
  • Problems with the roof, insulation and their deficient areas
  • Distribution of non-performance air conditioning
  • Route hidden / buried sewage distribution network or heating
  • Electrical problems that is going to generate short circuits / etc
  • Loss of fluid / gases from refrigerating plants
  • Problems with installation or mechanical processes
  • Loss of steam / warmth
  • Pipes with insulation damage inducing losses on the route