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underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Industrial and residential buildings

Drones or UAVs are used frequently for inspection and monitoring of industrial and residential areas because these flying equipments, equipped with special cameras, allow obtaining spatial images of the elements of interest: buildings, cooling towers, chimneys and exhaust toxic gases etc.

Aerial photography_drone_4Aerial photography_industrial_1Aerial photography_industrial_2Photogrammetry_Orthophoto_5Aerial photography_industrial_4

Applications of aerial photography for industrial and residential buildings:

  • Updated site pictures
  • Updating utility networks
  • Quality equipment inspection
  • Monitor the progress of ongoing building
  • Stocktaking
  • Volumetric approximations
  • Layout plans
  • Oblique and panoramic photography

Aerial images can be achieved in different spectra, depending on the purpose – visible, infrared, multispectral.