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underwater, underground
and surface investigation

Agriculture monitoring

Aerial photography using drones allow a non-destructive and non-invasive collection of data on large agricultural areas.  Using special cameras can highlight soil nutrient levels, the percentage of diseased plants, maturity, mapping areas with high humidity etc.

Using data acquired at different spectra can create thematic maps useful in harvest  management planning. Also, based on aerial photographic images, can better manage land improvement actions taking into account the concentration of water in the soil and plants, the effect of drought or disease.

Applications of aerial photography in agriculture:

  • high-resolution mapping
  • areas affected by erosion
  • determining the degree of vigor
  • The water concentration in the culture
  • periods of freezing and thawing
  • mining works progress
  • identify different types of diseases
  • the pace of growth based on data multitemporale
  • sustainable management and efficient operation