Brantax - engineering survey

underwater, underground
and surface investigation

3D terrain model

By using aerial imagery acquisition technology with drone (UAV) is it possible to record an amount of topographic information, by aerial photography, very dense and at a high resolution.

3D modeling aerial photography_DTM_DSM_33D modeling aerial photography_DTM_DSM_43D modeling aerial photography_DTM_DSM_13_topografie_16

Subsequent aerial photography acquisition, using dedicated software, is generated level points that are able to reproduce faithfully land surface. The method allows easy approach to land difficult or impossible to approach by land methods.

  • 3D models of small settlements
  • Digital terrain model (DTM, DEM, DSM)
  • Level curves maps
  • Mapping disaster areas
  • Data support for territorial planning
  • Inshore mapping
  • Aerial images orto corrected
  • Landslide monitoring

Opposed to traditional methods of acquisition of aerial imagery (helicopter, airplane and balloon) use of drone allow increased flexibility in project approach and also having much lower costs. The method is particularly effective in addressing of small and medium sites – tens and hundreds of hectares.