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Aerial photography

Aerial photography provides useful insights into the development of projects from the design stage, going to execution, inspection and maintenance and time tracking .  Using drones (UAV) to capture aerial imagery brings extra flexibility in works approach with much lower costs compared to conventional aircraft.

In industrial and civilian field of investments aerial photography is used as a tool for checking and controlling, monitoring, planning and prevention. Aerial photograph proves to be particularly useful in real estate, archaeological research, exploitation of mineral resources (quarries, gravel pits), forestry and agriculture, natural parks and protected areas, means of communication and transportation, etc. Since on unmanned aircraft (drone, UAV) can be mounted different devices and sensors, their applicability can be extended considerably.

Aerial photography_Windfarms_4Aerial photography_photovoltaic parks_6Aerial photography_photovoltaic parks_1Aerial photography_drone_2

For projects with surfaces larger than few hundered hectares we recommend to be used small aircaraft (ULA). On this type of aircraft can be mounted high resolution equipment and the coverage is greatly expanded.

By processing the images acquired can get rectified orthophotos and 3D model of the earth surface (DSM) on extremely large area – hundreds of thousands of hectares. Resolution of aerophotos may comes to be less than 10 cm / pixel, which recommends airphotogrammetric  methods for different applications: Forest maps, geological research, large infrastructure projects, environmental applications, ecological restoration, feasibility studies, general cadastre etc.


Orthophotomap and photogrammetry

3D terrain model

Oblique and panoramic images

Electrical Network Monitoring

Multispectral photos

Infrared thermal photos

Industrial and residential buildings

Wind farms and photovoltaic

Agriculture monitoring

Protected Natural Areas

Telecommunication and GSM pillars